We are passionate about sustainability and want to be as planet friendly as possible!

 Be an example

Everyone can have a little bit of sustainability in their lives and by demonstrating real low-impact sustainable living we hope to encourage others to start making changes too. Being ‘green’ is a lifestyle choice. You don’t have to be barefoot living in the woods, but we believe that if everyone did their little bit the world would be a very different place. We want to be an example of successful sustainable living that can be achieved in a conventional way and show people that if you really want to make a difference, it is actually a lot easier than you think.

Sustainability principles are central to Yarde Orchard

  • Real food – provide wholesome home cooked meals with ingredients from local, fair trade, organic and ethical suppliers
  • Renewable energy and resources – maximise the use of renewable energy and systems for harnessing renewable resources
  • Reduce consumption and minimise waste – minimise food waste, use reclaimed materials, ‘upcycle’ materials where possible and use home-grown produce. Lead the way in recycling systems, use planet friendly products and consume less
  • Restoration – enhance existing historic buildings and create comfortable and beautiful buildings and facilities based on ecological design that are in harmony with landscape and nature
  • Permaculture – develop practical methods for creating ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone

 Yarde Orchard site sustainability features

 - Rainwater collection and recycling - On site reed bed waste water treatment system - 2x solar thermal and biomass boiler systems for water heating - Good Energy supplying 100% renewable electricity - Firewood from the Tarka Trail for logs to fuel all on site wood burners and biomass boilers - Recycling systems to minimise waste - Composting for vegetable matter - Supplies of produce for the café are locally and ethically sourced, organic or Fair Trade - Ethical finance provided by Triodos bank

Think global, act local

We have joined the charity ‘Toilet Twinning’ to raise awareness of sanitary issues across the globe, as well as raising money to provide better toilet facilities in some of the world’s poorest countries: www.toilettwinning.org. So far, with the help of our customers we have twinned our toilets 4 times!!

                       Following a number of fundraising events, we led an expedition to Nepal just 5 months after the 2015 earthquakes to help a remote village rebuild their community.

We are a member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and have been awarded GOLD status!

 love your planet!!!